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About Us

Who We Were:

We are formally Stop Common Core (CC) in New York State back in the height of the fight of "Stop Common Core" (2013 – 2016). We, The Parents, took it upon ourselves to fight this curriculum across NYS in all 62 counties, with chapters in all 62. As you recall, when ESEA was reauthorized (Dec. 2015) with ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act), which gave control back to the state, and there was not much more we could do here in New York. The choice was brought back down from the Federal level to the State level, which was one of our goals. Then comes the Board of Regents. Did you know we are only two out of 50 states with a Board of Regents who control ALL curriculum across NYS? The members who make up our Board of Regents are NOT elected by We the Parents/People; they are elected by the NYS Assembly. They have ultimate power over our children's curriculum, which takes away the autonomy of every school district in our state. Our fight was stonewalled when the Board of Regents genuflected to CC, rebranding several times by NYSED as the NYS Standards, EngageNY, and now the Next Generation Learning Standards! 


Our group, Stop Common Core in New York State, which is comprised of WE the Parents, successfully created awareness against stopping CC, across all 62 counties, by exposing the ineffective & illogical curriculum it truly was! So much so, they had to rebrand the name. 


We The Parents did that! We opened that Pandora's box! Even Arne Duncan referred to us as "those suburban moms in New York" when speaking about Common Core during his tenure. But we can't stop there, and we must continue our plight for our children.


Who We Are Today:


We have now expanded our scope to include more than just Common Core. NY Moms and Dads, our work is NOT done! Our educational system is plagued with inappropriate ideologies and actions continually taking away our parental rights. It's not just Common Core but CRT, DEI, rogue BOEs, forced indoctrination of our children, superintendents who have been at the helm for years making $700K+ a year ( Top 10 compensation packages for superintendents ( ) while pushing their ideology upon our children. Adding to the stressors of everyday school life in order to excel, there are the mandatory masks and mandates of CV vaccinations coming down the pipeline (Assembly Bill A8378)! They are intentionally overloading the system with several five-alarm fires, all at once, causing our Children to lose their educational rights at an alarmingly accelerated pace. 


Current hot buttons right now, as we mentioned, are:


  • Unnecessary mask mandates

  • Proposed legislation by Assemblyman Jeffery Dinowitz, A8378

  • CRT

  • DEI

  • Rogue teachers indoctrinating our children with inappropriate sexual curriculum

  • School board members who do not believe in parental rights (link)

  • Politicians who have been in their seat for decades (e.g. Jeffrey Dinowitz 27 years in his seat) are using our children for capital gain, to line their pockets with the financial backing of Big Pharma (e.g. Brad Hoylman's mother-in-law Dr. Ellen V. Segal is in Big Pharma) asserting their authority and trying to dictate how we should raise our children

  • AG Attorney Garland deeming parents "Domestic Terrorists" for voicing our opposition 


.... and so much more!




We do NOT Co-Parent with the GOVERNMENT on ANY level, nor do we co-parent with schools, teachers, or school board members who don't have our children's best interests and well-being at heart. We as parents MUST have a seat at the table ... not unions, PTA, NSBA, all of which have just become a sounding board for unions and lobbyists, etc. It is OUR children who attend these schools, and OUR tax dollars subsidize OUR schools!  We should have a say in our school district on a local and state level.


What Can You Do About It?  I’m just a mom or dad …


There is strength in numbers.  What happens when you make a snowball, and you push it down the hill?  It becomes larger and larger, excelling in size, weight, and velocity.  It’s the same with this mission.  We did it once with our Stop Common Core in New York State movement; we CAN do it again.

Join us in the trenches because this mission is for our most innocent who do not have a voice right now… OUR CHILDREN!  Be that advocate for your children!  Remember, even when we don’t think our children are watching, they are.  Advocate for your children. This IS the red line in the sand… because they have come for our children!  What are YOU going to do about it?


We understand it’s intimidating to speak with your legislators, and you don’t know what to say or how to say it, etc.  With a Band of Mothers & Fathers, you will find your voice because YOU are NOT alone in this fight.  This is NOT our first rodeo, and it’s ok if it’s yours.  We are here to INFORM, EMPOWER, and EQUIP!

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