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We as adults in this country are supposed to protect our most innocent, our children.

Since this pandemic, it has perversely twisted. Many “adults” in different arenas (medical Bureaucrats, politicians, school superintendents, school union heads, Big Pharma, etc.) are using children as their protective shield, to protect their self-interests/self-worth.


There are those who have seized this opportunity to use children for their own sick and perverted agenda as a personal Petri dish for experiments, whatever it may be to further their personal agenda, whether for career advancement/notoriety, political advancement, or financial gain. Your actions as “adults” are twisted, vile, sickening, and truly perverted.


You know who you are! Your actions are not pure, genuine, or innocent like our children. We the parents see you coming from miles away...your actions are not child-centric and are not based around the well-being of our children but yours.


Why is that? Because it’s easy? Being selfish because you’re scared, or Is it because Children don’t command a lot of power, as in a voting bloc, or is it more nefarious, evil, and sinister?


Again, I will ask in honor of the Masai Tribe... And How Are the Children? Are All of Them Well?

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NY MammaBear attended “A conversation with Dr. Scott Atlas, M.D.”. where she asked a question that we are sure many of us have on our mind…

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Concerned NYSCER parent...

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