Parents' Corner... You Are Not Alone

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Our Children, Our Choice

Submit your own personal thoughts when it comes to bill A8378 by Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, District 81, which will force all children between 2 months old and 18 to get the Covid vaccination in order to attend any school setting (e.g., school, child care, nursery, etc.).  Tell your personal story of why you are against this bill and the Covid vaccination mandate for our children. 

Please submit your video story to NYSCER@NYSCER.COM.  Please keep your message child-centric because you are their voice.  Please keep your video between 30 seconds and 2 minutes.

#OurChildrenOurChoice  #FreedomOfChoice  #NYParentsRight2Choose  #DespicableDinowitz #NoCVCMandates4NYKids  #YouAreNotAloneNY

Thank You!