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Take Action!

Mobile Monday, every week.

Get Your Chalk Markers ... and make your car a mobile billboard. While you're at it why not have your children join in with the fun.

Think of the optics as you drop off your children at school! It's great awareness for around town while running errands or for those interstate road trips.

Mobile Monday.png

Telephone Tuesday, every week.

EASY ACTION ITEM: ****Telephone Tuesday****

See these two "gentlemen" who are the Chairs for the Health Committee. This is where Dinowitz's bill A8378 has been placed.  Remember there is no "same as" bill... YET!  A8378 must have a "same as bill" in the senate to even make it out of the Health Committee!  So keep making those calls.

Our job today is very simple to call BOTH Health Committee Chairs, Senator Rivera and Assemblyman Gottfried .... both their district office and their Albany numbers (see meme below for phone numbers).  A total of four calls, less than 10 minutes out of your day for OUR CHILDREN!

You can use the statement on the meme if you don't know what to say... no worries we got your six on talking points or you can come up with your own. Doesn't matter what you do, as long as you make those calls.

Stay-at-home moms in playdates right now or having coffee make those calls together and compare notes.

Be assertive and as passionate as you want but please be respectful as we are advocating for our children.

In order for this to be successful we need FULL PARTICIPATION across the board. All hands on deck here.


Let's GO!


Telephone Tuesday.png

Wicked Witch Wednesday, every week.

Halloween is behind us... But we couldn't resist this one for Wicked Wednesday!

Get in touch with Hochul ... and flood her number with calls, tweet this meme out, or use that "email form" to let her know how We the Parents feel about her mandates!

Please share this Action Item across your SM platforms, in other groups you belong to, etc.

Parents across the board need to unify for our children because they don't have a voice!

They will keep on pushing and pushing, how much control are you willing to give the state when it comes to your child?

Advocate for your children ... Our children are not her beagles!

Wicked witch.jpg

Thunder Thursday, every week.

Please share this meme on your TL, across all your SM platforms, if you tweet, tweet it out, post on Instagram, or make a Tok-Tok video about it! Post it anywhere and everywhere possible. There are MORE of us and only ONE #DespicableDinowitz

Have FUN! He is thin skinned and hates to be questioned about his legislation and so does his staff!
#OurChildrenOurChoice #NoCVMandates4NYKids #FreedomOfChoice #NYParentsRight2Choose #DespicableDinowitz

Make sure to share a screenshot of your comments or post it (if you’re in our NYSCER FB group).

Thunder Thursday.jpg

Fight Back Friday, every week.

Thanks to Francesca for the theme ...

This action item is dedicated to those legislators who have signed onto the #DespicableDinowitz bill A8378.  To date, there are ONLY two.  We will add more if they dare to sign on.


Assemblyman Phil Steck, District 110

Assembly Richard Gottfried, District 75


Do what you do best ... Time to get those phone calls in!



How much is your children’s educational freedom and future worth?

We are asking for at least 100 committed people (would be great to get thousands, hint, hint) who will participate in this event indicating your name in the comment below, committing to mailing your “fan mail” to Hochul!  Will you be a part of this action #OperationTakeBackOurKids?


Here are some other items that you can do to help spread awareness for this NYSCER action #OperationTakeBackOurKids other than mailing it to “Gov Hochul”:


  • Print out additional copies (10 or whatever is the magic number for you) to hand out to friends and family who are willing to do this. 

  • Copy the link with the info above and post across ALL social media, share in all groups that you are a part of

  • Email to your family and friends asking them to be a part of this for your child

  • Stick them on local community bulletin boards in your town/city


Let's Get IT DONE!

"Do As I Say, Not As I Do" - Gov. Hochul

Below is our FIRST official action item for our NYSCER community (formally Stop Common Core in New York State FB group).  This action item is fast and furious, easy to do. All it takes: Download/save the picture, a printer, an envelope, and one stamp!

Hochul take action.jpg
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